Zoo Location: Savannah

Grasslands and arid lands.

Wild Diet

Grasses, seeds, leaves, flowers and occasionally small reptiles. They are nomadic, wandering in small groups in search of food.


The ostrich is the largest living bird. It is too big to fly but can run at up to 44 mph and is the fastest creature on two legs. Its powerful legs, flexible knees and supple two-toed feet are adaptations for speed. It has lost its strong wing feathers, t


One female scrapes a hollow in the ground in which she lays her eggs. The male collects a harem of other females (2-5) all of which use the same nest for eggs. The male and female take it in turn to incubate up to 20 eggs for approximately 6 weeks.


These birds used to be threatened by habitat destruction and hunting for their feathers and eggs.


In some countries, the ostrich is farmed for its meat but is not currently endangered.

 Ostrich  Ostrich


  • Latin Name: Struthio camelus
  • Class: Birds
  • Order: Struthioniformes
  • Family: Struthionidae
  • Conservation status: Least Concern
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