Indian social spiders

Zoo Location: Tropical Forest
Indian social spiders

Dry regions of India and surrounding countries.

Wild Diet

Mainly invertebrates. Their social system allows them to catch much larger prey than a solitary spider, working together to kill it and then eat it.


Of the 45,000 known species of spider, only around 25 species live in social colonies. The colony works together to build and maintain the web, catch prey and raise the offspring. Indian social spiders live in large colonies of several hundred individuals.


Only larger individuals will reproduce whilst smaller individuals will help to raise the offspring. New hatchlings are fed on regurgitated prey. These hatchlings will moult 12 times to reach their adult size. Once they are close to adulthood, they will eat the adult females in the colony, meaning all individuals in a colony are around the same age.

Indian social spiders


  • Latin Name: Stegodyphus sarasinorum
  • Class: Arachnid
  • Order: Araneae
  • Family: Eresidae
  • Conservation status: Data Deficient
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