Hamadryas Baboon

Zoo Location: Primley
 Hamadryas Baboon

Dry, rocky areas and thorn bushes.

Wild Diet

Roots, grass seed, bulbs and occasionally small mammals.


A troop of baboons may number over 200 individuals and is organised into bands, clans and families. Each family unit has an adult male leader and anything from 1 to 10 females with young.


One youngster (but sometimes two) is born after a gestation of 26 weeks (6 months).


The hamadryas baboon is not currently thought to face any major threats. However it may be at some risk to habitat loss from overgrazing and agricultural expansion.


Protection in the Simien Mountains National Park (Ethiopia). They breed very successfully in zoos.

 Hamadryas Baboon  Hamadryas Baboon


  • Latin Name: Papio hamadryas
  • Class: Mammals
  • Order: Primates
  • Family: Cercopithecidae
  • Conservation status: Least Concern
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