Giant Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Zoo Location: Reptile Tropics
 Giant Leaf-Tailed Gecko

The nocturnal giant leaf-tailed gecko inhabits forests in Madagascar.

Zoo Diet

Our male giant leaf-tailed gecko is fed crickets and locusts.

Wild Diet

These geckos eat range of insects including crickets, moths and cockroaches.


By day it plasters itself to a small tree trunk and rests head down. If disturbed it will raise its tail and head, open its mouth and scream. Their eyes are covered with transparent scales that function as protective lenses. Geckos are often seen licking their eyes to clean these scales.


Both males and females may breed with numerous partners. The females lay about 2 to 4 eggs on the forest floor. The eggs take around 3.5 months to hatch and females will lay up to 3 clutches per year.


This species is listed as being of Least Concern, but faces threats of habitat destruction in its native home, Madagascar.

 Giant Leaf-Tailed Gecko


  • Latin Name: Uroplatus fimbriatus
  • Class: Reptiles
  • Order: Squamata
  • Conservation status: Least Concern
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