Darwin's Rhea

Zoo Location: Primley
 Darwin's Rhea

Shrub-land and flood-plain grasslands in western and southern South America.

Wild Diet

Mainly a herbivore, with the odd small animal consumed (lizards, beetles, grasshoppers). It predominately eats saltbush and fruits from cacti, as well grasses.


Darwin’s rhea is a flightless bird. They can reach speeds of up to 37mph when running. They are a very social bird living in groups of up to 30 individuals.


One male will mate with several females, who will then all lay their eggs in a single nest. This nest can have up to 50 eggs. The male incubates the eggs alone and becomes very protective over the nest and surrounding area.


Hunting, egg-collecting, and fragmentation of its habitat due to conversion to farmland or pastures for cattle-grazing.


  • Latin Name: Rhea pennata
  • Class: Birds
  • Conservation status: Least Concern
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