Dalmatian Pelican

Zoo Location: Wetland
 Dalmatian Pelican

Lakes and large inland marshlands and wetlands.

Wild Diet

Eels, mullet, gobies, shrimps, worms, beetles, prawns, catfish and other small fish.


These pelicans live in small flocks and catch fish by working together as a team. The Dalmatian pelican nests on high piles of reeds out of reach of flood water. They are sociable birds, with the male helping to build the nest.


2 eggs are incubated for 30-34 days. The young are naked at first, with white woolly down appearing after 8-14 days. Young pelicans gather in ‘pods’ after six weeks, and fledge at around 75 to 85 days of age.


Habitat degradation, water pollution and hunting.


Legally protected in Greece, Turkey and Romania. There are conservation breeding programmes in zoos. 3,000-4,000 birds are thought to survive in the wild.

 Dalmatian Pelican  Dalmatian Pelican


  • Latin Name: Pelecanus crispus
  • Class: Birds
  • Order: Pelecaniformes
  • Family: Pelecanidae
  • Conservation status: Near Threatened
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