Collared Peccary

Zoo Location: Savannah
 Collared Peccary

Tropical forest and grassland.

Wild Diet

Roots, seeds, fruit, insects, other invertebrates and small snakes.


They are robust and active animals, able to run fast and swim well. Large herds of collared peccary are divided into small family groups of 13-14. Their territories are scent marked and strongly defended against intruders.


1-4 youngsters are born after a gestation of 142 days (4.5-5 months).


Hunting for food and habitat destruction.


Captive populations in zoos are being managed co-operatively.

 Collared Peccary  Collared Peccary


  • Latin Name: Pecari tajacu
  • Class: Mammals
  • Family: Tayassuidae
  • Conservation status: Least Concern
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