Azara's Agouti

Zoo Location: Savannah
 Azara's Agouti

Tropical rainforest and tropical dry forest.

Wild Diet

Fruits, nuts, seeds, shoots and leaves.


Agoutis usually live alone, roaming the forest floor searching for fallen fruit and nuts. Agoutis, like many other rodents will freeze and remain motionless in the face of danger. They dig burrows under rocks and amongst tree roots.


2 youngsters are born after a gestation of approximately 3 months. The young are kept in the burrow in a nest lined with leaves, roots and hair.


Hunting for food and habitat destruction. Despite these threats, agoutis are still numerous and widespread.

 Azara's Agouti  Azara's Agouti


  • Latin Name: Dasyprocta azarae
  • Class: Mammals
  • Order: Caviidae
  • Family: Dasyproctidae
  • Conservation status: Data Deficient
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