Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Zoo Location: Primley
 Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Open grassy areas with trees and bushes, scrubland and mangrove swamps.

Wild Diet

Grasses, herbs, leaves.


Tortoises are known for their slowness of movement and for their long life span (greatest authentic age recorded is 152 years). They are active by day, basking for periods of time when it is warm.


The female buries 9-25 eggs in soft ground, and these hatch after 120-130 days (4-4.5 months). They are not able to breed until the age of about 25 years.


Competition from introduced species and habitat destruction.


Aldabra Atoll is protected by the Seychelles Islands Foundation. There are some conservation breeding programmes mainly on the Seychelles and Mauritius. Our group of six tortoises were confiscated by Customs from an illegal importation and arrived at Paignton back in 1986.

 Aldabra Giant Tortoise  Aldabra Giant Tortoise


  • Latin Name: Geochelone gigantea
  • Class: Reptiles
  • Order: Chelonia
  • Family: Testudinidae
  • Conservation status: Vulnerable
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