Socorro Dove

Zoo Location: Forest
 Socorro Dove

Formally occurred in forests on the island of Socorro, off the coast of Mexico.

Wild Diet

Mostly seeds, but also eats some fruits, berries and insects.


It is mainly a ground dweller, searching for food amongst the vegetation. This made it vulnerable to predators.


In captivity, the female generally lays two white eggs in a nest box above the ground. Incubation lasts 14 – 17 days and the young fledge after 14 – 20 days.


Predation by feral cats and introduced rats as well as over hunting, following human settlement on the Island in 1957. Overgrazing by sheep destroyed the forest under-storey and ground cover plants, on which the birds depended.


The last time this bird was seen on the Island of Socorro was in 1972 so it has been officially declared extinct in the wild. However, a European Endangered species Programme has been managed since1995 and there are now over 100 birds in captivity. A programme is underway to re-introduce this bird to the island of Socorro.

 Socorro Dove


  • Latin Name: Zenaida graysoni
  • Class: Birds
  • Order: Columbiformes
  • Family: Columbidae
  • Conservation status: Extinct in the Wild
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