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Annam leaf turtle

Mauremys annamensis

Annam leaf turtle at Paignton Zoo
IUCN Conservation Status –
Least Concern
Extinct In The Wild
Class: Reptiles
Order: Testudines
Family: Geoemydidae

This extremely rare species is endemic to a small area of wetlands in central Vietnam, Asia.

Their diet is made up of invertebrates, fish and occasionally aquatic vegetation.

Interesting facts!

  • Little is known about this species’ behaviour in the wild due to its rarity.
  • Until recently, the Annam leaf turtle had not been seen in the wild for 65 years.


Annam leaf turtles are illegally hunted and traded for food and traditional medicine. They are also threatened due to habitat loss and modification.

We are very fortunate to be home to this species at Paignton Zoo, and in previous years our staff have assisted experts working at the Cuc Phuong Turtle Conservation Center located in Cúc Phương National Park in northern Vietnam.