Practical Animal Experience

We will only accept applications for practical animal husbandry placements if you are a student studying at South Devon College. Applications and interviews for placements take place at the start of the Autumn term.


Veterinary Department

We accept current veterinary students and trainee vet nurses for a minimum of 3 weeks. A placement provides valuable experience and knowledge in dealing with “exotic” animals, which the current veterinary curriculum does not cover extensively.

For younger students aiming to gain places at veterinary college, we encourage you to get as much experience as possible in general veterinary practices / farms / animal shelters etc. as this will be of most relevance to you.

To apply for a placement, please click here to email [email protected].


Education Department

We offer a limited number of placements per year for trainee or recently qualified teachers. 

To apply for a placement, please email [email protected].



We offer placements to Horticultural students from colleges and universities. Please apply as soon as possible. We take students from age 16 and over, for a minimum of 1 week.

To apply for a placement, please click here to email [email protected].