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Our Mission

Here at Paignton Zoo, we have a very important mission.

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We act to protect at-risk animals and plants from the impacts of biodiversity loss in order to

Help Halt Species Decline

We focus on helping humans understand how to live in harmony with nature

Pink pigeon at Paignton Zoo

We believe that…

Every species is important

Everything is connected

Every action matters

We will bring these three beliefs to life through our START programme:

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Safe havens

Providing safe havens for threatened species

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Working together through community and project partnerships

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Taking action to protect sustainable habitats

Hyacinth macaw with enrichment at Paignton Zoo


Conducting research to advance animal welfare and conservation science

Education team presenting in Darwin Room at Paignton Zoo

Telling people

Telling people why this work is vital

We can’t do everything, but we can all START somewhere.