Raffle prize requests

Raffle prize requests

Paignton Zoo is itself a registered education, scientific and conservation charity; therefore we have to carefully monitor the number of free entry tickets that are issued to other organisations for fundraising events that do not directly benefit the Zoo or our charitable mission, but as a major visitor attraction, we want to support our local community as much as possible.

In order to manage the process of donating free tickets to other organisations the following criteria have now been put in place:

  • Only two child tickets will be issued to any organisation
  • Only schools and colleges based in Devon will be granted tickets for one event per year
  • Local church and other charities situated between Plymouth and Exeter will be granted tickets for one event per year

All applications will be considered using the above criteria and successful applicants will be notified by post.

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What You Say
Paignton Zoo is a great day out - lots of animals, lots of plants, lots of space. It's ideal for families but people of all ages will have a good time. It's fun and surprising and exciting and unpredictable
Loved it! All the way round the kids had smiles on their faces!
Excellent day out, I would recommend a visit to anyone.