retail therapy

Enjoy some retail therapy and browse the unique gifts from around the world in our Living World gift shop. You’ll find things from beautiful, unusual homeware to cuddly toys and souvenirs.

Hot drinks

Pop into the Island Restaurant where you can pick up a luxury hot chocolate, freshly ground coffee or a warming cup of tea to take with you as you wander round the park.


Bring the children to Jungle Fun, our indoor play area, where they can kick off their shoes and let off some steam.

undercover viewing areas

Crocodiles, gorillas, orang utans and giraffes are just some of the many animals you can see housed in warm buildings. Join them at your leisure and take cover during the rainy days.

covered boardwalks

Our covered boardwalk will lead you to Reptile Tropics; a steamy rainforest environment home to poison dart frogs and free ranging birds. From here you can stay undercover and wander through the Desert Glasshouse to see succulent plants and parakeets flying overhead. The Glasshouse leads you straight to our Island Restaurant where you can relax with a sumptuous hot chocolate or a freshly cooked meal.

undercover bird show

We have a seasonal bird show which takes place inside our Animal Encounters Theatre – this is not to be missed whatever the weather! Get up close with amazing birds as they swoop and fly just above your head; it’s an amazing experience for all ages.

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