Paignton Zoo has been both a zoological and botanical garden since it opened in 1923. We are renowned for our animal-based conservation, education and research work, but we also boast an extensive collection of plants from around the globe.

Some of the plants grown here end up being fed to the animals or used to provide perches or bedding. In turn, some of the manure produced by herbivores like the elephant, giraffes and rhinos is made into Zoo Poo, a successful organic compost sold around the country and in our shop.

Around the Zoo you will see themed gardens. The Economic Garden has plants that provide us with food, clothing, shelter and fuel, while the Medicinal Garden celebrates the role of plants in medicine.

Have you considered plant adoption or being a zoo gardener for the day?

What You Say
An awesome experience. The amount of free space given to the animals was very impressive. 
Volunteers were very friendly and keen to share information about the animals. 
The zoo is really well kept and the information along the way is great