Sumatran Tiger

Zoo Location: Forest

Sumatran Tiger

Names of the animals in the Zoo:

Mixed tropical forest and mangrove swamp.

Wild Diet
Antelope, wild pig, wild cattle and a wide range of smaller prey.

The stripes of the tiger provide camouflage so that it can stalk or lie in ambush for its prey without being seen.

3-4 blind and helpless cubs are born after a gestation of 90-120 days (3-4 months).

Interesting Fact
During the hot season tigers spend much of the day resting near streams and water pools, often lying or standing in water to keep cool.

Hunting for oriental medicines, habitat destruction.

Captive and wild populations in Sumatra are protected and managed in an attempt to prevent this subspecies following the Bali and Javan tigers: these subspecies became extinct in the 1940s and 1980s respectively. Paignton Zoo is part of the European Endangered species Programme (EEP).

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Excellent value for money. A fantastic day out for the whole family! 
Volunteers were very friendly and keen to share information about the animals. 
Very good clean zoo, lots of animals, fun filled packed day!