Desert habitat
Our desert habitat has been created inside a giant glasshouse and is home to parakeets, pancake tortoises, huge termite mounds and tiny guinea pigs.
Savannah habitat
See majestic giraffes tower over ostriches and wonder at our endangered black rhinos and agile kangaroos. They all roam our savannah.
Primley habitat
Named after the home of our founder, Herbert Whitley, Primley is home to our baboon troop, giant tortoises, snowy owls, crocodiles and pythons.
Tropics habitat
Watch out for our poison dart frogs, green anacondas, boa constrictors and the smallest species of crocodile, the dwarf caiman in this humid and steamy environment.
Forest habitat
Our forest is a naturally wooded area that boasts orang utans, tigers, lions, gorillas and macaques.
Wetland habitat
Our wetland is a sanctuary for pelicans, ducks, flamingos and cranes and the Brookside Aviary allows birds to fly free amongst the trees.

News Bites

Welcome to Paignton Zoo...

With more animals than anyone else in the South West, you're in for a really wild time - A great day out for the kids and all the family.

Looking for an exciting day out in Devon? Come in and get close to over two thousand creatures at one of the South West's most exciting visitor attractions.

See them all - giraffes, lions, gorillas, cheetahs and thrilling crocodiles, plus our cheeky meerkats, colourful snakes and amazing monkeys. There are also indoor play areas, the Jungle Express train and uniquely, six habitats that mimic the animals' natural environment.

But, you'd better leave a whole day. You'll need it to explore our big wild world!! 

It's a beautiful attraction with plenty to see